How to Setup or store your artificial Christmas tree

Putting up and taking down a tree for the first time can sometimes be a daunting task, but taking it down doesn't have to be! The level of difficulty depends greatly on the size of the tree, the density, the needle type, and the type of artificial Christmas tree. This guide aims to help anyone take down an artificial Christmas tree purchased from Treetime, but can also help with general best-practices for all brands of trees. Below you'll find a video that will show you how to take down your tree in less than 5 minutes! With just a few simple steps and best-practices you will have your tree down and ready to store in no time.

Quick-Step Process for Storing Your Christmas Tree:

1. Unplug your tree from the wall and move any surroundings that may obstruct your work area. Check for any burned out bulbs and replace them for next year before starting to store your tree.

2. Move your storage bag to an area close to the Christmas tree and open the bag to ready it for the first section of your tree.

3. Identify the total number of sections of your tree. For trees 5’ and under, you will typically have only two sections. For 6’ to 8’ trees there will typically be three sections including the top, middle, and bottom. If you have a 9’ or taller Christmas tree, you may have four to five sections.

4. All tree sections will be labeled from bottom to top. Typically the first section you will put in the storage bag will be the base section, labeled as ‘A’, the second section as ‘B’, and ‘Top’ as the topper. You can always tell which section is the bottom because it is the only part of your tree that will have a tapered end on the bottom of the pole. This section also has a longer electrical cord than the other sections; one which is long enough to plug directly into a nearby wall outlet.

5. Take the top sections of the tree and place them on the ground. Once the bottom section is free from the stand, gently "hug" the tree section to slightly compress it and place it into the Christmas tree duffel bag. The middle section of the tree will be placed on the opposite side of the storage bag while the top will fit snug into the middle.

6. The storage bag in the video above shows you that once you've placed the tree inside you can clip the cinch straps and tighten the tree to have an easier time zipping it up. Make sure you've also placed your spare bulbs and tree stand into the bag before rolling your Christmas tree to its designated storage space.

That's it! You've successfully stored your artificial Christmas tree!