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See why customers worldwide prefer Treetime as the #1 source the best artificial Christmas trees!

See why customers worldwide prefer Treetime as the #1 source the best artificial Christmas trees!

We love our customers and it shows! Below are a few organizations Treetime has proudly served or has partnered with in non-profit charity drives to give back to our communities every Christmas. We are well-known for making the most-realistic artificial Christmas trees, providing excellent customer service, and are the industry-leader with the best comprehensive tree warranty in the world.

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Joanne helped me for 2 days... I looked online everywhere in the country and I looked at every competitor of yours. I called back 5 times and I felt confident that I was making the right choice in no small meaure because of your customer service. I almost bought from Tree Classics. It seemed to make sense, there were more branches, mixed PE and PVC, (I know my stuff). Regardless, I feel I have bought the best possible tree in the country. I searched for reviews and complaints. I will give you a review for the public when I get my tree. This is just to let you know there is no way you would have had the sale without her. Thank her again for her help! — John

My wife and I want to thank everyone... at Treetime for the way you took care of our problem. The new Savoy Blue Spruce is so beautiful and looks so real. I just want to wish everyone at Treetime to have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank You, - Joseph V.

Shopping for an artificial Christmas tree was not easy... as I've learned the hard way by purchasing from not one, but two other brands online before going with Treetime. Some of your competitors shouldn't be allowed to stay in business with how they treat their customers and the deceitful photos they have online. I wanted to write you and just tell you how thankful I am to have come across your website. I talked to two different people who were both very friendly and knew their stuff. I bought a tree for over $800 and never wouldn't have considered it if not for the confidence I gained after speaking with you. My tree is beautiful beyond words and I'm sending you a picture to see my new tree! I will recommend your company to anyone that asks and have a blessed and Merry Christmas! Thank You, - M.G.

I first ordered a tree from that "other" big well-known tree site... & it looked awful - nothing like the picture. I contacted them requesting that they take it back as we were misled & were told we'd have to pay to ship it back even though it obviously wasn't what we'd chosen. Asked to speak to a supervisor - was told one would call me - still no word & that was a week ago. Contrast that experience to these wonderful people! After bad experience dug deeper online & found tons of negative reviews on that other company & only positive reviews on TreeTime. Called and spoke with Alex - he was so helpful - told him what I was looking for and our space constraints and he helped me select the 7.5' Castle Peak Pine Christmas tree. He even sent me numerous pictures of this & other trees to help me decide. He was so patient and put us at ease after our bad experience with their competitor. The tree is up & looks terrific. Great quality. There are plenty of lights and they seem brighter than usual. The tree is very convincing - if you're used to one of those "fluffy" artificial Christmas trees with all the dense thick pipe cleaner-like foliage, this may not be the tree for you. The Castle Peak is not designed to imitate that kind of tree; I've seen the pines in the Pacific Northwest that it's patterned after & it's dead-on, but in reality those trees have a little space between the branches where you can see the trunk a little here and there. It looks like I went to a tree farm in that part of the country and cut my own vs one here in Alabama and cut a scotch pine. One last thing & this is important: the biggest thing that came out of my research is TreeTime uses photos taken of actual trees for their website, whereas the other sites doctor the photos to make their products look better. So with the other guys you don't know how the tree is going to look until you take it out of the box, but with Treetime if you like the way it looks on their website, you're going to like it when it arrives. Sorry for the long review, but maybe it'll convince you to buy from the good guys at Treetime instead of that other company. - Paul.

I just placed my order... I am not sure if your staff works on commission, but Joanne was absolutely outstanding! She answered the ton of questions I had and measured the tree for me, providing excellent customer service, which in part led to me purchasing from you. It is beautiful and I can't wait to receive it. I really appreciate the assistance Joanne provided and wanted to let you know. This is not so common anymore and it is really nice to experience! Thank you, - S.M.

I just wanted to let you know... what a wonderful time my family had in your store. The staff was so helpful about everything and answered every question we had. We were awed by how many artificial Christmas trees you had setup and everyone that walked up to us was very enthused which was refreshing as a customer. The showroom is gorgeous and every room decorated to the ninth degree! I just think your place is great and I can't wait to go back there. Treetime, Thank you for a fun visit and we look forward to our next outing to your store in November! - A.B.

Dear Treetime, I was expecting an automated... attendant when I called you guys up to ask a few questions. You know, press 1 for this, press 400 for that. I didn't expect someone to pick up on the 1st ring but that's what happened. Thank you, Joe, for being so helpful and because of that kind of service I bought my first artificial Christmas tree! Yea! Wife loves it (and we all know that is pretty much all that matters) and I'll be shopping here again to buy some Christmas ornaments soon. Thanks, wish I knew of you guys sooner! - T.S.

My husband and I wanted to thank you... for such an amazing Christmas tree. We chose on of your Telluride Spruce Platinum trees because of the lighting guarantee and features on it. The lighting wasn't all over the place or messy and you could tell it was professionally strung. Every single branch tip has a Christmas light at the end of it and when you plug the tree in its marvelous! Thank you, thank you, thank you! For so long I have been complaining to get rid of my old Mountain King Christmas tree and replace it with a newer one. I'm very happy I chose you folks and Merry Christmas from Hartford, CT! - S.M.

I had a hard time making a decision online... when it came to shopping for a new Christmas tree. I chose Treetime on the recommendation of a coworker who owns one of your trees and she loves hers so I naturally trusted her. She was right! Your trees are super-real looking and I can't wait to set it up each Christmas season. I only hope that you don't keep making new tree styles or I'll just get tempted to buy another one in a few years! Thanks again. - O.W.

Hello Treetime, It has been several years since... I've even bothered with a live tree but my artificial one was absolutely done for. I knew it was time for a change but I wanted only the best artificial Christmas tree possible. I am what you call a "perfectionist" when it comes to Christmas, although I'm a frugal one... I didn't go top-of-the-line but found a really well-priced New England Spruce tree and I just wanted to tell all of you how happy I am with it so far. Its definitely the best Christmas tree I've owned and guests could not tell it was fake even after touching the PE needles! It was hilarious to watch but after telling them it was a fake I bet you that you'll hear from them soon enough! Take care. - A.K.

Wanted to let you know we're thrilled... with our new Forest Sierra Fir. Its exactly what I was looking for and I will definitely recommend your company to our friends. Thank you and God bless. - J.L.

Read some real Zingers about some of your competitors... online so I started shopping around for something near me. You came highly recommended locally and I can see why after speaking with your phone customer service. Your team should be commended for the effort and professionalism. I'm not an easy shopper to please and as a mother with 2 kids I can tell you that my nerves are quite thin! Regardless, your staff went the extra mile to walk me through picking the best darned Christmas tree I've ever seen. If you put this on your site, get the Highland Fir, people! It's astonishing! Thanks Treetime and Happy Holidays. - R.B.

Hello Treetime, the Christmas tree is very realistic..., the shipping was really fast, and I'm just emailing to let you know I never thought it could be so easy to buy something this big online and end up with no regrets. Thanks for a great experience. - T.M.

Dear Christmas Elves, Our home is filled with cheer and smiles. Our tree arrived quickly and the setup was a breeze. Thanks for everything! - S.W.

Your site is amazing and the selection is huge... I spent the better portion of 3 weeks trying to pick the right tree but I kept coming back to Treetime. Your service was friendly and you responded very quickly to my emails. I'm the proud new owner of one your slim Black Bear Forest artificial Christmas trees thanks to the help of your friendly phone reps. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find the right tree when you live in the deserts of Arizona, have 3 children and work full time?! Well, mine was delivered fast, was easy to setup, shape, and its jam packed with lights. I will be sure to send more people your way this Christmas. Toodles from Phoenix - Y.E.

Dear Treetime, I am a born and raised New Yorker... so its in my genes to find sniff out a deal from (in this case) a thousand miles away. You tree folks know what you're doing up there near Chicago (I think this is a first). Jokes aside, my wife and I are extremely happy with our purchase from your website. We went with another known company 2 years ago and it ended up being a disaster with the lights. That was the main reason we decided on a pre lit Christmas tree in the first place! I can tell the difference in quality the second your tree showed up at the door. I say that because I opened the box, there were clear directions in "proper" English, the lights looked really nicely wrapped around the branch wires, and you could tell the hinges and pole were well constructed. You get what you pay for, right? Your Platinum Collection of trees lives up to the hype! Thanks and keep up the good work. - T.J.

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