Artificial Christmas Tree Buyer's Guide

How to Identify a High-Quality Artificial Christmas Tree

Treetime makes sure that every close-up branch photo you see is a direct photograph of the product taken out of the box after shaping. Clear close-ups and zoomed images of our artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands - without "tweaking" - are always shown so you know that what you're buying is what will arrive at your door. No surprises!

Quality of Stands and Center Poles

Stands and center poles are available in metal or plastic. As a general rule, metal is sturdier, more durable, and safer, since it will be more secure against tipping. Especially in the case of a tall tree, a strong stand and pole is essential. Plastic is a less expensive option and may be acceptable for smaller trees. Always keep in mind that depending on your ornaments, the tree will become heavier and more in need of a sturdy base and support once decorated.


The construction of a traditional artificial tree will determine ease of assembly. There are two basic structure options for realistic-looking trees: hinged branches or hook-in construction.

Hinged Branch

Hinged construction trees, the more expensive options, are quicker and easier to assemble than hook-in ones. These trees usually come in two or three parts that need to be put together. Branches are permanently attached to the trunk pole with hinges. Just put together the sections, fluff out the branches, and your tree is done. If included, the lights also stay on permanently. Metal hinges are sturdier than plastic ones.

Hook-in Branch

With the hook-in variety, you will need to put each branch into a separate hook on the tree pole. Branches are usually color coded so that you will know where they go. Since each branch is attached individually, these trees take far longer to assemble, and are not available as pre-lit trees. However, these are cheaper to purchase. You will not find any Treetime Christmas trees using a  hook-in construction.  All of Treetime's artificial Christmas trees are fully hinged.

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